waitingExamination of the applications for adoption

The Council of international adoptions (CIA) to the MOJ examines the applications of the candidate-adopters under the order of their entrance numbers in the Register

The Register is one for all candidate-adopters. There isn’t separate register for single adopters. There aren’t quotas of adoptions by countries and accredited organizations.

When defining an appropriate candidate-adopter CIA is guided by the child’s best interest. The assessment of the capabilities of the candidate-adopter to satisfy the material and emotional needs of the child is made based on the information for the adopter in the reports, prepared by the competent authorities in the country of habitual residence.

Referral for adoption

MOJ presents to AMOR Certificate under art.17(c) from the Hague Convention for initiation of an adoption procedure along with report and a picture of the child. The report contains information about the medical and emotional development of the child and information about the biological parents. AMOR sends the official documents in the central body of the accepting country or to the accredited organization abroad.

Additional information about the child

The adopter may require additional information about the child – pictures, videos, additional medical and/or psychological evaluation, etc., so he/she can take final decision. The adopter is obligated in two months term starting from the receiving of the referral to notify MOJ through AMOR for approving or disapproving of the referral.

Refusal of the referral for adoption

If the candidate-adopter before, during or after completing the personal contact with the referred child denies to adopt the child, AMOR notifies MOJ for the denial of continuation of the procedure. The candidate-adopter preserves the number, under which he/she is signed in the register after decision of CIA, only if there is motivated denial from the candidate-adopter due to health problems of the child, for which he/she was not informed or if there is discrepancy of the child referred and the stated characteristics

Legal consequences

The international adoption can be only full.

In full adoption, between the adopted and the adopter and his relatives are arising rights and obligations as if they are biological relatives, and the relation with the biological parents and relatives of the adopted are terminated.