Special children

We, AMOR unconditionally believe that every child is special and all of them have the right of equal chance to find their forever family, who will love them at hundred percent. A lot of the children who are eligible for international adoption have special needs or are at higher age. We believe that each and every one of them may meet his/hers parents, who are waiting for them. We, from AMOR are putting maximum efforts to get to the heart and to show the personality and the qualities and not only the illnesses of the child. We are always very happy when these children are finding their forever family.

In order to increase the chance of the special children to find their forever family MOJ introduced special procedure, which is far easier from the general one and the adoption is finalized in shorter terms.

Characteristics of the children for whom the special measures are applied

The special children are the children for whom CIA has decided to upload their profiles on the webpage of MOJ. Usually these are the children for whom adopters signed in the register cannot be found. The special children are:

Children at higher age who were not adopted earlier due to different reasons as delays in the procedure of signing them in the Register, because of administrative or juridical difficulties, lack of agreement from the biological parents, etc. Usually these are children older than 10 years old.

Sibling groups having emotional bond between them and are adopted together.

Children with health condition or hereditary defectiveness: A lot of children are having medical problems or hereditary defectiveness. Most of the illnesses are subject of treatment and the child develops fully after the adoption. Other children need constant care, dedication and lots of love from the family to develop their potential.

Health condition of the children

AMOR specialists are visiting all special children and are preparing additional reports for their condition, as well as updated pictures and videos. The family who expressed interest towards the child’s profile can consult with doctors and specialists they trust and to require additional expert conclusions.