The procedure

MOJ updates on their webpage the information about the profiles of the special children and schedules distributions among the organization on monthly basis. After the distribution AMOR receives detailed information and pictures of the children to who is dedicated in the next two months. To find appropriate family for the child in two months term is not an easy task. AMOR works actively with its partner organizations abroad and a lot of the children are finding their parents.

  • The international adoption is the only alternative for the special children, so they can receive love, family and a happy future. Let us give them this chance together.

It is possible the family submitting an application for a special child not to be signed in the register and not to have prepared documents for adoption in Bulgaria

When the procedure is initiated from the family, who is not signed in the register of MOJ, the adopters are presenting an application along with a document certifying that they will undertake actions for preparing a Home Study for the adoption of a concrete child. The application is examined immediately and if approved the family has six months term to submit all the required documents. After the receiving of those documents MOJ makes an official referral for adoption. Afterwards the procedure is following its common order for adoption, but is finalized in much shorter terms.

Family, who is already signed in the register submits an application with which declares their explicit wish for adoption of the special child, along with a Letter of support from the specialists who are working with them about the possibilities to satisfy the necessities and special needs of the child. When these characteristics are not in compliance with the approval for the adoption, the candidate-adopters are presenting updated documents for their eligibility to adopt the child in term of six months. After presenting this documents CIA takes decision for an official referral and the procedure continues under the common order.


The special procedure provides the candidate-adopters with an opportunity to adopt a child with special needs or a child at higher age in much shorter and easier terms – from 8 months to 1 year and a half, if they are ready to accept such special child.