IMG_3727Second travel and finalizing of the procedure

The time between first and the second trip to Bulgaria and entering in force of the court decision for allowing the adoption usually is between 3 and 5 months.

In this period AMOR notifies MOJ for the agreement of the adopters as submits the respective documents. In the legal term from their entrance or after terminating of flaws in them the Minister of justice gives his/hers agreement for adoption and the invoice is sent to court. Sofia city court schedules a case in 14 days term and pronounces a decision in the court hearing for the case. The decision enters in force in 7 days term. Afterwards the documents of the adopted child are prepared for his/hers departure of Bulgaria: new birth certificate, passport, documents for visa (if necessary).

The second travel to Bulgaria is made, when the court decision is went in force and the birth certificate is issued. The stay in Bulgaria is between 6 and 12 days, in which the adopter takes his /her child, submits documents and receives the passport and/or the visa.

Until the departure from Bulgaria the adopter is accompanied from representative of AMOR, who provides constant support.