The Hague Convention

Bulgaria is party to the Hague Convention for Protection of Children and Co-operation in Respect of Intercountry Adoption, which guarantees, that the adoption is in the best interest of the child and in compliance with its general rights.

Central organ

The Central body for Republic of Bulgaria under The Hague convention is the Ministry of Justice, which performs the activity for international relations, accepts the applications of candidate-adopters, leads a register of thee children which can be adopted by citizens with habitual residence abroad and register of candidate-adopters. The Ministry exercises control over the activity of the accredited organizations.

To the MOJ is created Council of International Adoptions (CIA) who has meetings at least three times a month and makes a proposal to the Minister for defining appropriate adopter for the concrete child.

The Minister gives his/hers agreement for the adoption of a child with habitual residence in Republic of Bulgaria, by the adopter, offered from CIA.

Accredited organizations for mediation in international adoption

Mediation in international adoption in Republic of Bulgaria can be performed by legal entity with non-for-profit purpose for implementing socially useful activity, called “accredited organization”, signed in the public register of legal entities and received a permit for this from the Minister of Justice.

Candidate-adopters with habitual residence abroad can authorize the Bulgarian accredited organization.

Children available for adoption

A child at age up to 18 years with habitual residence in Bulgaria, can be adopted from an adopter with habitual residence abroad, when the possibilities for its adoption in the country are expended and the child is signed in the register by Ministry of Justice.

  • Children, placed in specialized institutions or in foster families with agreement for full adoption, given by their parents or the parents are not known;
  • Children raised in specialized institution, which are abandoned and not searched in continuity of six months after expiration of the term for which they are placed.
  • Children, signed in the register which parents are not known, deceased, or deprived from parental rights;
  • Children with unknown parents or children with parents who doesn’t have the capacity to care for them and for who the social services assessed that returning in the biological family is not possible;

A child, who is a Bulgarian citizen, can be adopted only under the conditions of full adoption

Twins are adopted together, while as an exception they can be adopted separately. Brothers and sisters are also adopted together, when they have an emotional bond between them.

Requirements towards the adopter:

  • To have the right to adopt according the national law.
  • Not to have any chronic and contagious diseases, tuberculosis, AIDS and other life-threatening diseases.
  • Not to be deprived from parental rights.
  • Not to be convicted.
  • Single person can adopt or two persons – only if they are lawful spouses.
  • To present all necessary documents, required by the Bulgarian legislation.
  • To be signed in the register of candidate-adopters with habitual residence abroad, who wish to adopt a child under the conditions of full adoption.
  • To have a minimum of 15 years age difference between the adopter and adoptee. When spouses are adopting at least one of them must respond to that condition.