Issued on 28 of February 2019 about the adoptive procedures, which have been completed in Bulgaria during the 2018:

TOTAL, 221 procedures have been carried out of adopting candidates for the adoption of 290 children:

* 164 children have been adopted in individual procedures;

* 126 children  have been adopted in 57 groups;

By the common Order of adoption, according to the order of inscription in the Registry:

* 150 procedures completed for 186 children;

* 115 children have been adopted in individual procedures;

* 71 children have been adopted in 35 groups:

– of 2 children – 34 groups

– of 3 children – 1 group;

By the special measures of adoption:

* 71 procedures completed for 104 children with published profiles:

* 49 children in individual procedures;

* 55 children in 22 groups (principally sibling groups):

– of 2 children – 14 groups;

– of 3 children – 5 groups;

– of 4 children – 3 groups;

Characteristics of the adopted children

The completely healthy children are around 30% of the total number.

The most common diseases suffered by adopted children under 5 years of age are:

– Low birth weight

– Premature birth

– Hereditary history /data about the biological family/ – use of drugs and alcohol, hepatitis, tuberculosis, AIDS, Wasserman, mental problems /mental retardation, mental disorder, oligophrenia, schizophrenia/.

– Congenital heart disease

– Down syndrome and related complications

– Cerebral paralysis

– Hydrocephalus

– Hyperactivity, attention deficit

– Mental retardation

Currently the referrals for a healthy child:

  • for a child up to 5 years of age by Common order are received by families inscribed in August – October 2012
  • for a healthy child up to 10 years – families inscribed after September 2014.

Association AMOR


Dear families, colleagues, partners and friends,

We, from Association AMOR congratulate you with the coming Christmas holidays and wish you lovely, peaceful, bright and fulfilling 2018.

We are glad, that in 2017 we were able to help and to make more children and families happier. With the mediation of AMOR 15 families from Spain and USA received referrals for adoption and 14 procedures were finalized for overall 17 children who now have their forever families.

To comparison in 2016 we have had 5 referrals for 7 children.

Now more and more families are ready to accept a child with special needs or specifics in the child’s health condition. In 2017 7 of all of our procedures are under the special measures of adoption and 11 children and sibling groups will celebrate Christmas with their forever families.

We have had our first procedure of sibling group of 3 and now we have a family who is ready to adopt a sibling group of 4 – three sisters and a brother.

We sincerely hope that the new 2018 will bring us a lot of miracles and that it will be really better towards the children and to fulfil their cherished dream for a home of their own, a family that they can call their own and who gives them security and love.

We wish you peace, warmth and AMOR.


Today, February 17, 2016 Ministry of Justice published on their website lists of active files and active candidate-adopters, submitted in the register for international adoption until the end of 2014. AMOR is in procedure of translation lists and will promptly publish the actual information.

Meeting with the Ministry of Justice on 13 of November, 2015

On November 13, 2015 was held a meeting between the accredited agencies and the Ministry of Justice.
• The announced statistics shows that in the period from January 1, 2015 to November 10, 2015, about 500 dossiers of children have been received at the Ministry of Justice for the purposes of registration. From these 500 dossiers 480 children are signed in the register.
• For 205 children from these 480 special measures are undertaken and the Intercountry Adoption Council ordered the uploading of their profiles on the webpage of the Ministry of Justice. This means that almost 40% from the children are with special needs or sibling groups at higher age.
• There are 62 dossiers at the moment of children, which will be examined at the remaining 7 sessions of the Intercountry Adoption Council which should take place by the end of 2015. Of those: 32 children aged up to 3 years, 3 children aged 3-5 years, 9 children aged 5-9 years and 18 children above the age of 10 years.
There are about 1400 active applications of waiting candidate-adopters: of those about 1000 are candidates waiting for children aged 0-5 years and there are only 34 candidates waiting for children aged 9-12 years.
It was announced that a working group is working actively on some changes in the Family Code. Those changes will mostly be related to the possibility for adopted children, respectively their adoptive parents, who could represent them, to seek information about the children’s biological family and origin. A very important change will be the elimination of the subjective judgment of children’s social workers regarding the adoptability of the children placed in foster families and Centers for Placing from Family Type and for those children to be subjected to compulsory inscription in the register for adoption as soon as certain objective conditions occur. This will certainly increase the number of the children that are registered for adoption.

Association AMOR