Advices for the meetings with the child and the stay in Bulgaria

In your first travel

In your first travel you will have 5 days to get to know the referred child. It will be useful if you take:

  • Camera for pictures and videos with the child
  • Photo album with your own and your family’s pictures, pictures of the home and pets, if there are any;
  • Gifts for the child;
  • Souvenirs for the foster family and/or for the home in which the child resides.

In your second travel

In your second travel to Bulgaria you will pick up your child from the home he/she is raised or from the foster family and will stay with him/her, until all the required documents for departing Bulgaria are prepared (new birth certificate, passport, visa, if necessary).

In your stay it’s useful to have:

  • Camera – so you would be able to make pictures and videos in the first days in which you are with the child;
  • Toys and entertaining games;
  • antibacterial tissues and all necessary for the child’s hygiene;
  • Clothes, appropriate for the season, underwear, PJ’s and shoes for the child.


AMOR team offers help for settling in Bulgaria (Sofia and around the country) and if you wish reserves the hotel or apartment of your choice.

Drinking water

The tapped water in whole Bulgaria is suitable for drinking; there is plenty of choice regarding bottled water.

Eating outside

The Bulgarian cuisine is diversified and includes lots of salads from vegetables, dairy foods – yogurt, cheese, vegetarian meals and rich local cuisine. There is a wide choice of season fruits and juices.

The European cuisine is very well spread, mostly Italian. There are good restaurants offering Turkish, Greek, and Chinese cuisine. The usual tip is 10%.

Payments in Bulgaria

The local currency is lev, attached with the euro with exchange rate of 1 euro = 1.95583 levs.

The payments in Bulgaria are made in levs and usually in cash. You can exchange money in bank and bureau for currency exchange or to draw money from ATM. Most of the hotels, restaurants and big stores accept credit cards.


The bigger hotels in Bulgaria offer wireless internet connection. GPRS connection is provided by Mtel, Vivacom, and Telenor. The most cafeterias and restaurants also have WIFI.

Health and immunizations

In Bulgaria you can find almost every medication you need. If the medication isn’t for sale without recipe AMOR will cooperate for you to be examined by a doctor and to receive the necessary recipe.

If during your stay you or the child get sick, you will be examined by a doctor and receive the appropriate treatment.

There aren’t obligatory immunizations for foreigners, visiting Bulgaria.