What is the profile of the children who are referred for adoption?

Children at age from 0 to 18 not turned years old can be adopted. For international adoption practically is possible to adopt a child at age over 24 months. In the register are signed healthy and special needs children, the majority of who is from minority (Roma, Turkish etc.) or unknown descend.

What is the waiting time?

The waiting time is variable it depends on the number of children signed in the register in this calendar year and the number of candidate-adopters with same characteristics of the desired child.
For a healthy child at age from 0 to 5 years old at the moment the waiting time is 4-4,5 years, depending on the rest characteristics of the child, for example gender, mild health problems and delays in the neuro-psychical development.

  • For sibling group at age from 0 to 5 years old without healthy problems the waiting time for a referral is also 4 to 4,5 years.
  • For a healthy child at age between 5-7 years the waiting time is from 3,5 to 4 years.
  • For a healthy child over 7 years old the waiting time is 1,5-2,5 years.
  • For a child from the list for special measures the procedure takes between 8 months and 1,5 years.

Who can adopt from Bulgaria?

According the Bulgarian legislation:

  • The candidate-adopters must have an approval for adoption.
  • Spouses and single adopters can adopt from Bulgaria. In case of male and female living as common-law partners, only one of them can adopt.
  • The minimum age of the candidate-adopter must be 18 years old. The Bulgarian legislation does not foresee maximum age for the candidate-adopter.
  • The minimum age difference between adopter and adoptee must be 15 years.
  • One-gender families are not eligible to adopt.

Who defines the age of the child to be adopted?

The age of the adopted child is defined in the approval of the adoption, which is issued by the competent central body of the country of habitual residence of the candidate-adopter.

Can I adopt two children simultaneously?

Yes, if this is explicitly stated in the approval for adoption.

Can I choose the gender of the child?

In the application to MOJ the candidate-adopter can state his/hers preferences for the child’s gender.

When is the contract with AMOR signed?

The contract for mediation in international adoption is signed after receiving of the approval for adoption in the country of habitual residence of the candidate-adopter. Afterwards you may contact us and to send us a copy from your identity documents as well as the address on which you wish to receive the contract.

What follows the signing in the register?

We expect the candidate-adopters signed in the register to remain calm and patient in the long procedure. To inform us about important circumstances that could affect the procedure.

How often do we receive information about the actual situation of the adoptions in Bulgaria??

AMOR sends updated information at least 3 times a year, and if there are any important changes we notify the families immediately.

How is the referral made?

MOJ issues a referral after CIA on its meeting has examined the application of the candidate-adopter. MOJ searches for appropriate parents of the child and not child for the parents, as it is guided by the child’s interest and the possibilities of the adopters to provide physical, psychical and social wellbeing. The referral is made according the characteristics of the child as the order of signing in the Register of the candidate-adopters is kept. The accredited organizations do not have quotas for receiving an approval, this happens by the order of signing in.

Is there a term for receiving a referral?

There is no such term according the Bulgarian legislation. The Central body itself cannot engage with such term, and even less AMOR can, because is only a mediator.
The time for receiving a referral depends on the age, health condition and in lesser mean the gender of the child i.e. as younger and healthier the child is the longer the time is.

Why candidate-adopters who were signed later than us have received a referral before us?

Usually this means that these candidate-adopters are submitted an application for adoption of an older child than the one you want to adopt, or an application for a child with wider characteristics related to physical and neuro-psychical development. The main principal is to find parents for the child and not child for the parents. MOJ complies with the sequence of the children in the register; i.e. if the first child in the register is at age 8 years old CIA examines the dossier of the candidate-adopters in order of their signing, eligible to adopt a child at this age. And if the registered candidate-adopter is signed under number 673, for example, but is the first among all before him ready to adopt a child at this age, he practically becomes first in the register for the moment.

What kind of medical information is provided to the adopters after the referral?

MOJ sends to AMOR picture of the child and report, containing information about the health and social status. Specialists of AMOR can visit the child upon a request from the adopters.

What kind of expenses, beside the one stated in the contract with AMOR can I have in Bulgaria?

The adopters can choose their options for travel and accommodation in Bulgaria, as well as the places for eating during their stay here. AMOR cooperates in the making of the choice as present’s actual information and offers help for booking and settling in Bulgaria. Other “extra” expenses are not foreseen.

Is it possible / necessary to bring any gifts or to make donations?

It is not necessary. This depends on the desire of the adopter and his/her will to make donation or to give a gift.

Who performs the post-adoption monitoring? How many reports does the MOJ require?

MOJ requires the presenting of 4 post-adoption reports at each 6 months in continuation of 2 years after the adoption. The reports are made by the central body or licensed agency in the area of the permanent address of the family.

Is it necessary for the contact to last 5 days? Can some of them to be non-working days?

The five-day contact with the child is obligatory. If illness, urgent business engagements or other difficulties are a reason for the adopter not to stay 5 days with the child, he presents notarized declaration with the motives for reduction of the days of the contact or the impossibility to perform it. The contact with the child starts and ends in a working day, but can include non-working days.

When does the 2 month for the 5 day contact with the referred child starts?

From the date on which AMOR has received the referral documents from MOJ.

Can candidate-adopter who is signed in the register to ask for a temporary stop of the procedure?

Yes, it is possible to require temporary stop of the procedure for a period of 12 months from the candidate-adopter or the competent authority in the accepting country. In one month from the expiration of the allowed period for terminating it must be present updated report and approval for adoption, if it also expired meanwhile.

What is the health condition of the children in orphanages?

In the last three years major part from the children are taken out of the institutions and they are placed in foster families or in centers for placing from family type, where the children are raised in an environment, close to the family one. This had a positive effect of the children’s development and compensated the delays in neuro-psychical development, caused by their raising in institutions.
All children are observed from doctors – pediatricians, psychologists and social workers. The reports for their physical and neuro-psychical development as well as psycho-pedagogic characteristics are updated on every 6 months. They are fully reliable and responding to the children’s condition.