Ethic principles and rules for behavior

Association for International Adoption and Re-integration (AMOR)

The ethical principles and rules for behavior represent the standards for ethical behavior of the individuals working for Association for International Adoption and Re-integration with the children, the families of candidate-adopters and all institutions and organizations in the field of childcare and the welfare of child and family.

Basic values and ethical principles:

  • The childhood is extremely important period from the human’s life;
  • The family is the most natural environment for development of a child;
  • Every child possess uniqueness and worth;
  • The right of freedom of opinion, the freedom of thinking, conscience and religion, creating of own perceptions and the right to freely express them are guaranteed right of every child;
  • Every child has the right of protection against the methods of education, physical, psychical or other violence or forms of actions which are violating his/her dignity;
  • Every child has the right of protection for his/her normal physical, mental, behavioral and social development;
  • Every child should be protected from abduction, exploitation, sale or traffic of children;
  • Every child and every family deserve to be supported to fulfil their full potential;
  • In all cases the interests of the child should be protected in the best way;
  • Every child, who is in risk, needs special protection for his/her removing from this situation;
  • Every child should have the possibility to remain under the cares of his/her family of origin or to be adopted in Republic of Bulgaria;
  • The starting point of the adoption – national and international is the child;
  • The adoption is performed having in mind the child’s best interest;
  • The international adoption has subsidiary character;
  • Every child, eligible for adoption, has the right to be placed in a family of adopters, regardless his/her age, race or special needs;

Inside ethic rules of behavior:

  • In performing its activity for mediation in international adoptions the Association and the people working for it are required to practice earnestly their rights and obligations and through their behavior to be trustworthy and respected in the society. AMOR is obligated to provide keeping of the requirement for loyalty and respect of the employees of the Association towards the adopters.
  • Primary principle in the work of AMOR is confidentiality. The employees are signing a declaration for confidentiality and keep the information about the children, the families and the work of Association with professional diligence.
  • For performing its activity AMOR provides specialists /lawyers, doctors, psychologists/ with appropriate specialty and experience in the field of international adoption.
  • When selecting employees AMOR monitors for moral qualities, professional competence, experience and responsibility.
  • The practices for selecting a staff are requiring the employees not to have data for unethical behavior, related with the childcare and adoption.
  • All employees of AMOR are signing a declaration for acceptance of the established ethical principles and rules for behavior in performing the mediation in international adoption.
  • AMOR obeys the law and international regulations, respects the Bulgarian and foreign bodies and institutions, keeps contact with other accredited organization in a manner of respect and cooperation.
  • AMOR keeps the principles, which are preventing abduction, exploitation, sale or traffic of children.
  • In performing its activity AMOR keeps for the necessary terms and stages of the process of adoption and undertakes the necessary actions with the necessary care.
  • AMOR forbids its employees to give money or other financial funds directly to families or other individuals, who are related with the procedure of adoption.
  • The contracts and the amount of the state fee and expenses for the procedure of Association AMOR are providing full transparency about the procedure of international adoption.
  • Association AMOR updates pictures and video material on its website, ensuring that it has the necessary protection for controlled access.
  • Association AMOR makes all efforts to be informed about the condition of the child during the travel to the accepting country.

Ethical rules for behavior of the employees of AMOR in contact with the adopters are to:

  • Demonstrate respect to the families and their biological and adopted children.
  • Be polite and respectful to the families even if they are showing lack of understanding, impoliteness and improvidence.
  • Keep the families informed about the possibility to make contact with AMOR’s team at any time. To provide them with a cell phone from AMOR during their stay in Bulgaria with purpose – constant and cheap contact.
  • Always to respond on a call, so the family could receive the necessary help and advice at any time.
  • Accompany the candidate-adopters since their arrival in Bulgaria until their departure. To familiarize them with the history, the Bulgarian culture heritage and traditions, with the achievements of Bulgarian science, culture and sport.
  • Not to provide information about one family to another.
  • Not to argue with their co-workers, attendants and officials in front of the candidate-adopters.
  • Not to discuss personal, politic, religious or intimate subjects with the candidate-adopters.
  • Not to discuss inside matters, related with the foreign partner organization, which represents them.
  • Not to discuss the relation between the foreign partner organization and AMOR with the families.
  • Not to take any money directly from the families, unless concluded in the contract.
  • Not to encourage the families to contact directly with them during the procedure of adoption, before or after the travels. If the family calls or sends an e-mail with questions for the adoption the letter will be transferred to the head office of the partner organization abroad. The families are notified that the person working on their case will discuss all matters with them.
  • Not to encourage the families to tip, give additional remuneration for services or to make gifts to third parties during their stay in Bulgaria.

Ethical rules for partnership with institutions and organizations in Bulgaria and abroad.

  • Association AMOR reaches to develop the practice cooperation with all competent bodies and institutions, related with childcare and adoption, and especially of children with special needs, so their chances to be placed with appropriate adopters increase.
  • Encourages the cooperation with the rest of the accredited from MOJ organizations for mediation in international adoptions for mutual work and researches, consultation groups, projects and charity social services.
  • Promotes active participation in the work and projects of AOMO. Discuss the questions from the agenda of the General assembly of AOMO.
  • Association AMOR can enter in cooperation with other organization, only if ensures and receives confirmation, that this organizations will always work for achieving the best interest of the child in a way that complies with the Hague convention, national and foreign legislation in the field of child protection and international adoption.
  • The policy of AMOR is to sign contracts about the ethic practices with its foreign partners.
  • The establishment of contacts with organizations with which Association AMOR cooperates or seeks future cooperation in the accepting country must be in compliance with the accreditation of the partners to mediate in the field of international adoption, with the respective laws of the accepting country, with the accreditation of the partners to mediate in the field of international adoption in compliance with the laws of the accepting country.
  • Association AMOR collects detailed information about the activity of these organizations in the accepting country and establishes that their activity is out of any reasonable and lawful doubt, that they keep the international regulations in the field of adoption.
  • Association AMOR concludes contracts for mediation with prospective adopters only after making sure that they are approved and recommended through social research about their eligibility to adopt from Bulgaria.
  • AMOR keeps correspondence with its foreign partners about all necessary documentation in Bulgaria. In discrepancy with the Bulgarian requirements, AMOR informs timely the foreign partner and cooperates for fixing the flaws.
  • AMOR must assure that the candidate-adopters received and are receiving adequate training for the adoption. This training must be organized by foreign accredited organization or other competent bodies, organizations or both.
  • AMOR informs timely the foreign partners about the status and the progress of every procedure of adoption.
  • AMOR requires from its foreign partners timely information about the status and progress of every procedure who has pending documents or needs additional information from candidate-adopters.
  • AMOR informs the adopters through its foreign partners about the exact amount of the regulated fees, the amount of administrative expenses for mediation, which is paid only with bank transfer.
  • AMOR encourages the adopters to preserve the contact with Bulgaria after the arrival of the child in to the accepting country.
  • AMOR is to be informed that the family will receive post-adoption services and counselling after the child arrives to the accepting country.

Ethical principles and rules for behavior are accepted and established with decision of the Management Board of AMOR, stated in Protocol 8 from 23rd December 2014 and are prepared in compliance with the principles of the Hague convention for child protection and cooperation in the field of international adoptions.

Association AMOR presents the Ministry of Justice of Republic of Bulgaria and its foreign partner organizations with the established ethical principles and rules for behavior.