Documents, necessary for registration in Ministry of Justice

  1. Application to the Ministry of Justice which contains brief presentation of the candidate-adopter – name, nationality and citizenship, number and place of issuance of the identity document, date and place of birth, country of habitual residence, permanent and current address, short story of the family of the candidate-adopter; information about economic and social status of the candidate-adopter; information about healthy status of the candidate-adopter and the members of the family; information about the central body or accredited organization which is a mediator of the candidate-adopter; information about the accredited organization with which the candidate-adopter is working in Bulgaria; characteristics of the child which the candidate-adopter wants to adopt, in accordance with the approval of adoption, including specifications in the health status and development, which the candidate-adopter accepts; motives for the adoption; date and signature.
  2. Approval for adoption of a child in accordance with the law of the country of habitual residence of the adopter.
  3. Document, certifying that a competent body in the country of habitual residence of the adopter, party of the Hague convention, will perform post-adoption monitoring in continuity of 2 years from the allowing of the adoption.
  4. Document, issued by a competent authority, certifying that the adopter is not deprived from parental rights.
  5. Home study, prepared by a competent authority.
  6. Medical certificate, prepared by a doctor, which contains evaluation of the psychical and physical health of the individual, based on past and current illnesses; the document contains information about presence/absence of chronic illnesses, contagious venereal diseases, AIDS, tuberculosis and others, menace to the life of the candidate-adopter, to be issued not earlier than a year from the submission of the application.
  7. Certificate of no criminal conviction
  8. Marriage certificate of the candidate-adopters (in case of families); Birth certificate and Certificate for marital status of the candidate-adopter (in case of single adopter);
  9. Declaration under art.20, para.10 from Regulation№ 2 from 14th October 2014.
  10. Notarized Power of Attorney in favor of AMOR;
  11. Copy from identity document;
  12. Contract under program for international adoption – two copies;
  13. Attachment №1 for the exact amount of state fees and necessary funds for performing of the mediation.
  14. Pictures of the family and the family home, not more than 6-8.

* All documents from p.2 to p.8 are presented in one original and apostilled.

** The Application (p.1), Declaration (p.9) and the Power of attorney (p.10) are presented with notarization of signatures and apostilled.

*** The copy of identity document (p.11), the Contract and Attachment №1 (p.12) are not notarized and apostilled. They are presented with handwritten signatures from the adopter on every page.

Sending the documents

The documents are to be sent to AMOR through the accredited organization abroad, through the central body or personally by the candidate-adopter, according the requirements of the country of habitual residence. AMOR translates, legalizes and submits the documents in Ministry of Justice.