For candidate-adopters who are not signed in the register

The application contains the following information:

  • Three names, date of birth, primary diagnoses of the child, number of the profile from the web page of MOJ
  • Brief presentation of the candidate-adopters – names, citizenship, number of identity document, place and date of birth, country of habitual residence and address;
  • Short story of the family;
  • Information about economic and social status;
  • Information about health condition of the candidate-adopters and the members of the family;
  • Information about central body, accredited organization in the accepting country and accredited organization in Bulgaria;
  • Characteristics of the child in compliance with the approval for adoption, including specifications in the health condition and/or development, which the candidate-adopters are willing to accept;
  • Motives for the adoption;
  • Date and signature;

Along with the application are presented:

  1. Document by the respective authority or organization, certifying, that the candidate-adopter has undertaken actions for performing the social research in view to adopt of a specific child.
  2. Signed contract for mediation with accredited organization in Bulgaria.
  3. Power of Attorney in favor of the accredited organization.

In six months term from the approval of the application, the candidate-adopters must present all other required documents for their signing in the register. (click here)

For adopters, who are already signed in the register

  1. Application, containing the names, date of birth, primary diagnoses and conditions of the child, as well as the number of the profile from the web page of MOJ.
  2. Letter or support from the specialists working with the adopter about the possibilities to satisfy the needs of the specific child.

In six months term after the approval of the application are presented:

  1. Updated Report for the adopter, prepared after the signing in the register.
  2. Updated approval in cases, when the characteristics of the child are not responding to the one stated in the presented approval.